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Dynamic. March 16, 2009

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Dynamic Korea. Dynamic Busan. This slogan definitely speaks to the true culture of my new home.

Since my last post, I have experienced much more of the Korean way of life! Firstly, just to update you – volleyball was an absolute blast! We played for about an hour and a half and it was so fun. Afterward, they had ordered Chinese food for us, so we ate Chinese and drank beer in the teacher’s lounge. I can’t wait for this week’s match.

My co-teacher invited me over for lunch on Saturday and it was incredibly delicious. Her husband is a phys ed teacher at another school, so he invited the foreign teacher from his school over as well so I met another guest English teacher. The food was delicious. We made fresh kim bop and my co-teacher made this delicious stew type dish. Every thing was amazing. Followed by, my personal favorite, Korean coffee and dessert which consisted of sqaures and fruit. As a sidenote: the fruit in Korea is unbelievable. It is so BIG and fresh and the taste is explosive! Everything tastes so great here! The strawberries don’t even look real, and apples are so big I can barely eat a whole one to myself! It’s like the fruit here is made to share – as is the way of the Korean lifestyle! After lunch my co-teacher, her husband and their daughter took us to the nearby beaches where we were able to take pictures and walk around. It was absolutely gorgeous. It was a little bit cool but the sun was shining and the beaches were bustling with people. We drove down Moontan Road again and stopped at one of the look out temples to take pictures and take in the view. It was so beautiful! I have attached a couple pictures. We drove Brett back to his part of Busan and then they dropped me off at my apartment, arriving home around 6 PM.

Saturday night included St Patricks day festivities – of the mild sort. But one bar that we went to served Green beer so that was festive! We went on a mini pub crawl, so I got to see a lot of the bars and restaurants around the corner from my house. Most of the bars serve little snacks with the drinks  which are a delightful little treat! Nothing beats popcorn and beer! lol I met a bunch of really cool, really nice foreign teachers. All of them, except one, were from Canada also – one of which is from Hamilton! Such a small world! One guy, Jake, lives in my building and is from Guelph. It was nice meeting new people that are in the same area as me. We are starting Euchre nights which is unreal. I am happy to meet some people who know how to play!

Yesterday, although I probably could have spent the day in bed recovering from Saturday night – haha – I went to the Pusan National University area with Jake and two people (Paige and Josh) that I met Saturday night. We met up with Jake’s Korean friend who owns an art gallery and got to see his studio and some of his work. His work was amazing! Paige and I took off to walk around the shops in the area and I got to try the waffle sandwich which was a deliciously cheap treat! YUMMY! Luckily I didn’t bring any money to spend, so I only browsed. I could definitely do some damage though. haha Everything is super cheap in that area, so I will likely go back to “browse” some more 🙂

The food here is to die for. Everything tastes amazing. The only thing I am starting to miss is breakfast food – Koreans tend to eat rice and kimchi for breakfast … but on the plus side, we did have pancakes one day at lunch and if I get really desperate, McDonalds sells the Egg McMuffins so I may have to try those out one day soon!

Korea is certainly dynamic. Driving in Korea is insane. People rip around, flying through red lights, parking on sidewalks, mopeds and motorcycles weave in and out between the roads and the sidewalks. It’s pretty hilarious but pedestrians do NOT have the right of way! haha
I have attached a few pictures below. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Miss you all! xoxo


4 Responses to “Dynamic.”

  1. Debbie (mom) Says:

    Hi Erin…finally found your bookmark….all of your blogs are amazing…perhaps you’ll be that reporter or the weather girl one day (ha ha). Loved the surfer picture…it ‘s making me want to visit all the more…and as far as the public spa goes…don’t be a prude…make your momma proud!!!! Love you and miss you!x0x0

  2. erinsacco Says:

    hahahahaha that was the best comment mom! I knew you’d be all about the public spa …. hahaha I’m glad you found my blog. Now you can keep updated and see some pictures. Hopefully dad figures out how to work facebook and then you can see more pictures! Love you! xoxoxo

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Love Love Love your blogs. Keep em coming. xo

  4. Sarah Says:

    Hey Erin!
    You don’t know me (at all. xD), but I found your blog when I digging around for some Korean pages. I’ve always wanted to visit South Korea!
    What made you decide to visit, and how were you able to visit?
    I’d love to know everything about it. ;]


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