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Cottage Country – Korean Style! April 12, 2009

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My Korean vocabulary is slowly increasing by the day … I can count to 5, say My name is Erin, and say random words. I am working on getting better. Apparently I have the Busan accent which is NOT good – my Korean teacher friends say I need to learn the National language, otherwise I will sound funny if I go to other parts of Korea and speak with a Busan accent. haha


So I spent the weekend away with one of the teacher’s from my school and it was so fun! It was myself and 6 Korean families. We went to a cabin in the mountains which was about a 5 hour drive from Busan. We left Saturday around Lunch time and arrived just in time for dinner. I swear I didn’t stop eating the entire weekend … from the moment I got in the car, to the moment I was dropped off, there were constantly snacks being passed around. One of the most remarkable things I can say about Korean children (and Korean people in general) is their willingness to share. You can guarentee if one child has a candy bar, or a snack of some sort, they are more than willing to give a piece or a bite to any one near them. It’s really cute. And since I tend to stand out amongst the group – the kids swarm me with treats. lol I love it.


Anyway, so we arrived to the cabin and I was introduced to the other families. The kids and I played some catch – which they thought I was a superstar because I could catch the ball – hahaha. That night the kids put on a talent show and it was really fun! The older girls did a dance to one of the popular Korean pop songs – “Gee” (which is actually a fun song. It’s by Girls Generation – youtube it) – and another boy played the violin, another girl sang a song, and there was even a science experiment and some magic tricks. And since I tend to be a big child, I took part in the talent show as well. My talent you ask? Speaking Korean … which was horrid but hilarious. We had more snacks and I taught some of the girls a couple “Canadian” card games, which was really fun! I brought my Korean Phrasebook with me, so the little girls and I did some basic vocab where I would say the word in Korean and they would say the word in English and point to the object if it were in the room. It was good practice for both languages, and the girls were sooo cute!


Once bed time rolled around, we pulled out the Korean style mats and blankets … girls in one cabin, boys in the other – and had basically a huge slumber party! complete with pillow and tickle fights! haha


Sunday morning included my first Korean style breakfast – Kimchi and rice cake soup – which I helped  prepare 🙂 The fathers played a Korean game which is a combination of soccer and volleyball – it’s basically volleyball with only your feet over a lowered net. Lots of fun! After breakfast the kids and I had a scavenger hunt, and then the kids, myself and the fathers went and played a Survival Game which is BB guns … I was terrible at it. At least I learned I wouldn’t make a good sniper!


Once we got the cabin cleaned up and the cars packed, we made our way down into the valley to a little stream and tried to fish with our hands. I took on the responsibility of spectator and photographer … the kids were right in there though, and one of the fathers was really good at catching fish with his hands! That’s skill! After fishing we drove a little ways and then stopped for lunch and dodgeball at a nearby park … the weather was gorgeous so we played for quite a while until it was time to say farewell to the families traveling back to Seoul. We then loaded in the van and started the 5 hour trek home. Once we arrived in Busan, we stopped for dinner with the other two families from Busan and then I was dropped off at my apartment around 9 PM. I was super tired, but it was such a great experience and I had a lot of fun! Trying to write about what I experienced is so difficult as I can’t really fully express how I felt, or what I saw … the pictures again don’t do it justice. It was so nice to get out of the city for a night … the scenery on the drive and around our cabin was breathtaking. There is something about being surrounded by mountains that just numbs me and makes me feel so relieved. It is great therapy 🙂


I have posted some pictures from the weekend, but again, they do not do justice to the true serenity that I felt being there.


April is going to fly by … the weekend of the 25th, I think some friends and I are heading to Jindo island to witness the Parting of the Sea phenomenon … should be quite the scene! I’m sure it will be grounds for blogging … feel free to google the parting of the sea in South Korea or check this out:


Until then … I hope all is well in k’aenada and you don’t get any more snow storms!


love and miss you all! xoxoxo




3 Responses to “Cottage Country – Korean Style!”

  1. Tina Says:

    Erin, following your blog is amazing. Your description of each detail makes the reader feel as if they are experiencing it firsthand. Your certainly are having an amazing experience! Your photo taking skills are great too, I know I would be in heaven if I were there taking photos…Looking forward to your next update…thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

    Aunt Tina

  2. Alyssa Says:

    The picture of you and the 6 Korean families is the best!! haha

  3. Natasha Says:

    So that parting of the sea thing is incredibly insane..
    I’ve now watched 5 videos and read 3 articles… haha
    Can’t wait to hear your version first hand!

    oh and you gave me chills in that post 🙂

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