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I have fallen in love. June 14, 2009

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Good morning!


For starters I am the newest Korean celebrity as I apparently made Korean TV at last week’s Lotte Giants Baseball game. We made the jumbo tron a couple different times through out the game; had part of our cheering section chanting in English “Give it to the baby!”; and mirrored the dance moves of the Lotte Giants Dance Girls, thus threatening their very jobs with our stellar moves. And when I arrived to school the next morning, some students from my school had already reported back to my teacher friends that they saw me on TV. Too funny. Baseball games are so much fun here!


Last week I also made my first pot of home made chili for Euchre night and it was a hit! I will definitely be making another pot and freezing it for the cold winter months.


Friday night I decided to go for a nice relaxing night so I spent most of the night at Starbucks making use of their free internet. Saturday morning Maddie and I went to the orphanage and this is where I fell in love. Because it was a nice day, they let the kids play outside on their mini playground … which, according to Maddie who had visited the orphanage the weekend before said it was a nice change because they actually looked happy and pre-occupied with other things, rather than just wanting to be hugged and hang off of you. Regardless, they were the cutest little things of life. There was one little boy that captured my heart when he voluntarily came and parked himself in my lap. I tried teaching him the peace sign, and to tap his toes and clap his hands. He was loving it! He maaaay be coming home with me … 🙂


After the orphanage we headed straight to the beach to enjoy the sunshine, however, upon arrival the beach seemed to be engulfed in a thick cloud of dust and we could barely see the water / get any sunshine. Some decided to trek it to another beach, but I decided to head to the travel agent to book tickets for my Jeju trip and then went home for a nap. From that point the day seemed to take a turn for the worse and my mood suddenly turned ugly. It’s a feeling I can’t really describe … it’s not exactly homesickness but more of a feeling of discomfort or discontent. I absolutely LOVE it here and love all the people that I’ve met and the experiences that I’m having – but for some reason Saturday was just a tougher day for me. I think all of my friends here have had these moments so it’s nice to have other people to lean on when it happens, but I think it all stemmed from the fact that I just really wanted a GOOD SANDWICH. haha (Amy, feel free to send me one of your famous sammies in the mail … haha). Saturday night we went to Gwangali to enjoy the beautiful night scenery, but I still wasn’t feeling great, so I called it an early night.


Once Sunday morning arrived, I appreciated having had an early night and was able to enjoy the day at the beach. The girls and I found a really great Italian restaurant on the beach and had the most amazing sandwiches. So needless to say, I am feeling much better 🙂


This Thursday I get my friend’s 2 dogs for the weekend and I am more than excited to have company in my apartment! They are so cute and they will keep me busy so I am certainly looking forward to that.


Other than that, I have reserved my tickets for Jeju – I will be going the weekend of July 17th and I cannot wait! Now I am just hoping to plan something to do in my time off in August as well.


I must sign off as I have class shortly, but I will try to be more diligent in updating this.


Thanks for reading 🙂


P.S. I have red hair. Ugh.




Free Internet at Starbucks = Heaven June 9, 2009

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I am currently sitting in the Starbucks next to my apartment building … enjoying the free, uninterrupted internet and sipping on a frozen beverage; and I can’t help but think of my RIM girlies and our many trips to Starbucks during the cold winter months 🙂

First of all … my school won the volleyball for our region, so we are the tournament champions! After the big game we went out for raw fish dinner and we each sipped from the championship trophy. It was quite the experience. After dinner it was off to a Noreabong for singing and dancing … followed by a solo trip to Baskin Robins to treat myself to a special treat like my father used to do after I played well, or won a big game. Not going to lie … thinking about the old basketball days and hitting up Tim Hortons for double doubles and honey cruellers with papa sacc made me a wee bit homesick … but I quickly recovered 🙂

Now that volleyball is over, I find myself with a lot more free time. My afternoon classes are finished for this term, but I have started teaching an afternoon class for the teachers a couple times a week, so that offers a new but exciting challenge. Their English is pretty advanced so it makes for some good learning opportunities at a higher level, which is a nice change of pace from teaching “Red”…. “R..R…R..Rrrrrrrr -ed” … hahaha My online course for this month also finished and I did really well in it, so that feels good. Today I started learning Korean with some of the teachers I hang out with at school … once I finish this blog I have to do my homework that they assigned to me – haha … clearly slacking on that 🙂

What’s in store for the next few months… I am hopefully going to be going to Jeju Island the last weekend of June … I am also dog sitting 2 dogs for my friend Paige next weekend and the last week of July. In July my friends and I are going to Mudfest … which, for any one who went to Glenview, it seems like MOGA … so it should be a bit insane but apparently a really cool experience. My school is still trying to work out our summer camp schedule, so my summer travel plans are tentative until I know exactly which weeks I have off, but right now it looks like a bunch of us may head to China for a few days in August … and I’d like to see some other parts of Asia during that time if possible. I am saving Thailand, Bali and Phillipines for the Winter break hopefully … thinking about and planning where to go and when is overwhelming as there are sooo many places I want to see while I’m over here. I am also planning on going to Japan for the long weekend we have in October. Lots of ideas, now it’s just a matter of booking dates and finding flights. Which tends to be a difficult task in this country as things are constantly changing at the last minute so it’s hard to stay committed to one plan.

My girlfriends and I are planning on going to visit a Korean orphanage this weekend, so that will certainly be something to write home about I’m sure. As well, my friend Caitlin has a friend from the States flying in tomorrow for 10 days, so we’ll be busy entertaining her … starting with a Korean baseball game on Thursday!

Well, Starbucks is about to close so I will make this one short and sweet.

I hope to hear from you all.

Miss and love you all. xoxoxo