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Mudfest Oh-Nine = Spring Break in Korea July 12, 2009

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So Mudfest 2009 took place on the weekend in a place called Boryeong – which is about a 5+ hour bus ride from Busan. We had signed up and paid for our Mudfest tickets about 3 months ago, but I’m not sure any of us really knew what we were getting ourselves into.


So we made the trek from Busan to Boryeong Saturday morning, arriving to the festival around 1:30 in the afternoon, along with thousands and thousands of other foreigners from all over Korea. (Apparently Mud Festival used to be a Korean event, but once foreigners started to participate, the number of foreigners in attendence multiplied and now Mud Fest is predominately a foreigner event… but there was the odd small Korean child being tossed around in the Mud pits (totally normal… haha) …) After getting off the bus, we were finally issued a room at a local motel — which, to our dismay, turned out to be a room with four walls and a floor … good thing I brought my own pillow! Despite our frustration we didn’t have time to cause a fuss as Mud Fest was going on without us and we couldn’t stand to miss another moment! We quickly changed into bathing suits covered with shorts and tshirts, thinking we would be more comfortable in this attire. As we walked towards the festival, it was apparent that we were A. Overdressed; B. Really sober; C. Overwhelmed —- I think we all had a moment of “What do we even do!?” … but it didn’t take long to get the first smeer of mud on us as we were literally shoulder to shoulder with people covered head to toe with mud. We finally realized that we needed to lose our gear, so we stripped down to our bathing suits and started embracing the muddy hugs from drunk passer bys who were determined to get any clean person dirty. (Side Note: For any one who went to Glenview Park SS – picture MOGA on steroids … x thousands of people + alcohol = and you will have Mud Fest). I was still in a bit of a state of shock as I was watching inhebriated people being tossed in and out of mud pits (literally being tossed out of them onto the cement ground with great force); hanging out in mud “prisons”; playing king of the Mud Pit; it was pure insanity. Luckily my friends from home had sent me a disposable camera (randomly) but it certainly came in handy as I tried to capture the craziness of the festival (I just hope the pictures turn out!).


It didn’t take long before we were all covered head to toe in mud and enjoying every minute of it. After awhile, however, we didn’t really know what to do with our muddy selves and with rain and hunger starting to move in, we decided to get cleaned up and get some dinner. Showering was quite possibly the most difficult task of the day as we had cold water, zero water pressure and mud in places that there shouldn’t be mud. We finally scrubbed clean and found our way to a buffet for dinner. It was really starting to rain at this point which didn’t seem to let up until the next day, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying all the Boryeong had to offer (which isn’t a whole lot). We set up camp outside a convenience store, bought some mosquito coils and drinks, and enjoyed the chaos that was being pursued around us. We eventually made it back to our “floor” and called it a night.


All in all it was a wild experience – and probably the closest to real “spring break madness” I will ever endure, but it has definitely left me with some good memories with my friends here in Korea.


In other news – this is the last week or so of classes, followed by 3 weeks of summer camp, so I am busy trying to prepare for that as I have to create all the lessons and teach them by myself. As well, Caitlin and I are going to Jeju Island this weekend, so I can barely wait for this work week to fly by! I am positive that our weekend in Jeju will be blog worthy, so expect lots of stories and pictures!


I hope you enjoy the pictures and once I get my pictures developed, hopefully I will be able to upload them onto my computer.


Miss and love all of you! xoxoxo


One Response to “Mudfest Oh-Nine = Spring Break in Korea”

  1. Jeff Says:

    wow…so random…i was searching for photos of mudfest 09 because i didnt take any and i happen to cross your site…i remember throwing colored mud at you girls….haha

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