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Rain Rain GO AWAY! July 15, 2009

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I can’t even begin to express my frustration with the rainy season here … like, for the first 300 days I put up with it, and laughed off the fact that I’d come to school soaked .. and each time I’d step outside, I’d try a new theory to avoid getting soaked … to my dismay, all of my theories and tactics have failed horribly and the rain has been relentless … but today was the final straw. I arrived to school DRENCHED… head to toe … despite my efforts. My EMU boots are soaked, and thus likely ruined … I am currently sitting above a puddle that is compiling itself under my chair .. my pants (which are grey in color) appear jet black and skin tight – looks like I’m sporting some tight leather pants or something. My socks, I literally had to ring the water out of them and I am currently sock-less. On top of that, we have fans going in my office (I am using one to dry my boots and socks) … so I am prone to catch yet another cold. The roads were literally flooding … the “stream” that is usually bone dry most days was overflowing and running like a wicked river rapid (except the water is brown in color, so I’m assuming, “not good for my health”) … the bridge that I usually cross on my way to school was literally like the bridge at Canada’s Wonderland that you stand on in order to get a delightful soaking from the Timberwolf Falls … except this soaking was not delightful and was certainly not a welcomed one. On top of that, on most days, I am usually honked at about 348 times on my walk to and from school by cab drivers looking for a fare … do you think I could spot one single cab this morning? NOPE. There were no cabs to be found – not even in their usual line up spots … unreal. Apparently it’s never rained like this in previous seasons … but it’s enough to make someone go mental. It’s certainly making me miss dry Canadian summers by the pool at the farm … I promise if the rain ever stops, I will never complain about the humidity … I’d rather be soaked from sweat than from rain – seriously. Also, maybe karma has something to do with it – I used to be the a**hole in the car that would purposely drive through puddles just to see the splash I could make and potentially get innocent passer-bys wet … well, since I am now the person on foot being sprayed by the puddles of cars whizzing by me, I have now put myself in those peoples’ (soaked) shoes and I am dreadfully sorry for ever finding amusement in that! I will never, ever drive through a puddle again if the rain ever decides to stop! 

What happened to the days when jumping in puddles was so fun?????????


I apologize for my rant – but I am beyond frustrated today. Something about waking up and going to bed and staring at rain all day is really getting to me.


I do, however, have Jeju to look forward to – where apparently it rains a lot, but it’s not a torturous downpour like we are experiencing here.


I will have to take a video of the rain here – I can’t even fully describe it.


Anyway, again, I apologize for my rant and aside from the rain, I am loving life here. AND I may have over-exaggerated the amount of rainy days and horn honkings, but I just need to emphasize my frustration.


Next rainy day I will be wearing my rubber socks that I bought in Jindo. I don’t care if they are bright yellow and knee-high … Now I just need a wetsuit and I’m all set.


Love and miss you all. xoxo


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