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Summa Time! August 3, 2009

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The end of July marked the end of first semester of school – and the start of summer “vacation”.

To kick off summer vacation, the youth club at my school invited me to attend an overnight trip to Goeje Island. Eager to see more of Korea, I kindly accepted the invite and boarded the bus destined for Geoje. About 4 hours later, we arrived in Goeje. First thing on the agenda was a visit to a POW (Prisoners Of War) Memorial Museum. It was quite fascinating and gave me a better understanding of the Korean war and it’s impact on this country. From there we were off to the youth hostel that we would be staying at for the night. Just like summer camp at home, this youth camp had camp counsellors so the next 24 hours I barely saw the kids. The other teachers and I took full advantage of this freedom and had a driver drive us around Goeje Island. It was absolutely beautiful! I felt like I was back in Jeju. The only downfall was the visibility of the day – it had been a solar eclipse that day so it was very hazy, making it nearly impossible to see and capture the true serentiy of the scenery. I definitely want to make it back there on a clear day with my friends.

After an afternoon of touring around Goeje, we headed back to the youth hostel for the night time activities with the students. The next morning I spent on the balcony of our hostel room, taking full advantage of the sunshine and catching up on my book, while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Then it was back on the bus to Busan after lunch.

It was a pretty neat experience – especially since the female teachers we travelled with were not the usual ones that I socialize with, so it made for some interesting moments as well, but fun nonetheless.

After the school trip, all the other teachers started their 1 month of vacation … while I was busy preparing for 3 weeks of summer English camp and reading camp! The school is absolutely dead these days … but I am keeping really busy. I teach 3 – 4 classes of summer camp in the morning (with the curriculum I have to create on my own) and then 2 hours of reading camp in the afternoon (which I’m getting paid overtime for so I’m happy about the extra moola!) I am into the second week already, then I will be off for 2 weeks. My summer vacation plans are still TBD … hopefully I come up with something to do! I looked at flights home and they are ridiculously expensive so I think that idea is out … I’m sure I will find many things to occupy my time with.

Summer in Haeundae has really picked up since the rain has stopped. The beach is constantly bustling with people from all over and entertainment from all genres. It’s the place to be and it’s actually a really fun atmosphere to be in! For one who doesn’t like crowds, I really don’t mind the thousands of people that occupy the beach day in and day out … and alllll night too! Last weekend was spent entirely at the beach. The weather was amazing and it was packed. But it was super fun. I can’t wait for next weekend!

In other news – BIG NEWS – BUSAN HAS A COSTCO!!!!!!!!! Costco opened a few weeks ago and I made my first trip there on Friday. Made a pretty big dent in my wallet, but I am happy to have a family supply of dill pickles, honey nut cheerios, oatmeal and frozen fruit. OH .. and enough bread to serve a small army. haha AMAZING. It felt like I was back in Canada for a short moment …. 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading!

Miss and love you! xoxoxo


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