Chopsticks and kung fu kicks!

Leaving on a jet plane …

Welcome to the land of Ladyboys March 18, 2010

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Maria, Caitlin and I reunited at the Bangkok Airport late Thursday night then from there headed to Kho San road to spend our first night in Bangkok.

Friday March 5

The day started off early – had some delicious breakfast at the Diamond House. We wanted to stay another night, but they were all booked up so we were forced to check out and find a new place. We ended up on Kho San Road and found a room at half the price of Diamond House, but definitely 1/8th the luxury as well. We don’t mind it so long as we have a place to sleep and in order to stay on budget we’d better get used to places like this. After we checked in to the Green House we took advantage of the onsight travel agent and booked our flights to Phuket – our transportation to the airport, one night accommodation in Phuket and our ferries to Ko Phi Phi and Ko Lanta. We have to check out of Green House tomorrow morning and head to the airport at 5 PM, which means another full day in Bangkok. Once we arranged our transportation we explored the surrounding area. It was exactly how I had envisioned it to be – shops, shops and more shops. It’s a pretty cool vibe. I really don’t mind the hustle and bustle of the streets. We roamed around for awhile – allowing ourselves to get lost in the shops – had some pad thai for lunch then headed to the Grand Palace in the afternoon. This place was literally surreal it seemed fake. But it was stunning! After the Grand Palace we decided to try out the water taxi – for 13 baht we rode the canal for a few stops before getting off back at Kho San road. From there it was more browsing the street vendors, snack time and nap time. We woke up mid-evening and headed to an area of town infamous for the night market and sex tourism industry. It was quite unnerving to see in real life, but we had to experience it. Feeling jaded we took a tuk tuk back to Kho San Road, roamed the streets some more, almost witnessed blood shed on the streets and now are cozied up in the Green House for the night. Tomorrow we are going to check out the big Saturday market then head to the airport and board our plane bound of Phuket!


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