Chopsticks and kung fu kicks!

Leaving on a jet plane …

Tuesday March 16th March 27, 2010

Filed under: Thailand — esacc @ 12:12 AM

Ko Phangnan was a bit off the beaten track. We are finding accomodation is getting pricier than we expected. Although we managed to swindle a cabin by the beach for 1000 baht a night but with that we had to get cozy with the local lizzards as well. Our days in Ko Phangnan were mainly spent on the beach, eating or browsing the shops. We did manage to go for a traditional Thai massage and boy was it interesting.

Maria and I had just sent our dirty laundry to be cleaned so I was without any sort of under garments while wearing my last clean dress. Unaware of what an authentic Thai massage entailed we located a place and got ready. After some confusion about what the massuese wanted us to wear we layed down completely clothed. At this point there was 3 of us and two girl masseuses. We sat in anticipation of the final masseuse. Sure enough in walks a male and of course he comes to my bed. The three of us errupted into laughter and could barely contain ourselves through out the pulling and stretching yoga like positions they twisted us into. We died of laughter.

The next day we slept in and lounged on the beach for a couple hours. Monday night wad the Black Moon Party so we needed to rest up for the nights events. Around 11 pm we made our way to the party beach and it wasn’t really at all what we expected. It was all techno trance beats with modern day hippies crucifying themselves to the speakers. It was pretty trippy. We stayed for a few hours – beating the beat up – then headed back to our bungalow. Going on about 2 hours sleep, 7 am came far too quickly and before we knew it we were on the ferry to Ko Tao. To our amazement the ferry was full of Koreans heading to another isla d so we felt right at home!

Once docked in Ko Tao it took some time to find a place to stay as everythig is a bit pricier here. Eventually we managed to swindle the price of – literally a villa suite – to a more affordable price. So now we are spending our last night on the islands of thailand at the prettiest place with the best room. It’s amazing here!


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