Chopsticks and kung fu kicks!

Leaving on a jet plane …

Saturday March 20th March 30, 2010

Filed under: Thailand — esacc @ 11:01 PM

Oh wow … I am writing this during our 13th hour on the train to Chiang Mai. One hour to go!

Yesterday Merna and I spent the day in Bangkok .. shopping and killing time until our 10 PM train to Chiang Mai departed. We had high hopes going in to the train station, but upon boarding the train we were more or less in a state of shock and confusion. We booked the 2nd class sleeper train with a fan – and it was literally like out of an old war movie. The first few hours were spent trying to understand the rave reviews we read about 2nd class sleeper trains to Chiang Mai,, which we contemplated over a few Changs (beer). Just after midnight, we were starting to feel the Chang, so we decided to hit the sack and try to sleep. Although it wasn’t a perfect sleep, we woke up chilled and comfortable. After  missing the sunrise, we then realized our beds turned into chairs too – and after falling back to sleep, we woke up with only a few hours left in the journey! We both even agreed we’d definitely do the overnight train again.


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