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Leaving on a jet plane …

Tuesday March 23 March 30, 2010

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Chaing Mai – we have spent 3 nights in Chiang Mai – tonight being our forth and final night. The place we are staying – The Royal Guest House – has proven to be ideal conditions and very cheap! 350 Baht total per night gets us a fan room (which, oddly, we both prefer) – two twin beds, a hot shower, toilet paper, a pool and very friendly, helpful staff. Food seems to be cheaper in Chiang Mai as well!

On Sunday we did an authentic Thai Cooking course which was delicious. We made Chicken Phad Thai, Coconut Chicken, Green Curry Chicken and Spring Rolls. Sooooo good! Sunday night we went out on the town and met up with a couple from the cooking class. Before we knew it we were deep into the cheap local beer (chang) and busting a move at a (packed) Thai club with our new “friends” from the UK and New Zealand. Monday was definitely a “Changover” day and with no plans, we took full advantage of a day of rest.

Today was a jammed day as we had the Elephant trek booked. We were picked up around 8 AM and taken to Baan Chang Elephant Park where we spent the morning feeding, kissing and learning how to ride bareback and command the elephants. We broke for a delicious lunch and in the afternoon went for a 1.5 hour hike through the park while riding bareback. It was incredible. During our rest station at the top of the hill on of the elephants (a younger one, around 5 years old) went rogue and ran around the park rampant **no one was riding the elephants at this point**. The trainers finally settled her down and took her home as we made the descend back to the entry and into the bathing pool where we got to scrub the elephants clean – all while being sprayed by the baby elephant. It was an unreal experience I will never forget!


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