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Luang Probang – Vang Vieng March 31, 2010

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We booked our van to vang vieng for a 10 am pick up from our guest house. After sitting there waiting for an hour we were informed that the bus was broken down and that we had to take the 130 bus. So we killed time around the city and returned to the guest house at 1 pm. We then waited over another hour. We were finally picked up by a tuk tuk driver and taken to the bus station and now at 220 we are finally on the road to Vang Vieng!

We are in our aircon mini bus… Curling and swirling around the mountains of Laos… When our driver informs us that in order to make it up the hil we must turn off the air con and open the windows in order to conserve power to make the ascend. Hahahaha oh Laos.

We are into the third hour of the journey and it is absolutely remarkable. I am sitting in my window seat, iPod in, just taking in all the sights. The endless mountain tops and snaking roads are phenominal. And the local villages we are driving through really explains the literal sense of the saying “go play on traffic” as these villages are literally built along the side of the road with little more than the road to play on.

In the last hour of the trip Maria and I both startig fighting off feelings of what we think must have been some sort of bug. It was an uncomfortable ride for the last part but we made it through.

Once we arrived we met up with four girls from England that we had met on the slow boat and we all decided to find a place together. We were taken to a really nice cheap place and decided to put three in each room and since we all started off in pairs we decided to split the pairs up to make up the rooms. So Maria and I spent three nights with our new friends. Our first day onyhe river we swam from river side bar to bar and played some mud volleyball and watched all the brave souls do the zip line. after all the horror stories we heard about people getting hurt we decided against ziplinning but opted just to watch. We had a blast tho!

Ou second day we went to the blue lagoon and climbed up to the cave that was there. After the hike we took a refreshing dip in the lagoon then headed back to the tube river and did some more swimming along the river.

Now we are headed to the capital of Laos – vientienne.

Sunday April 4th

Vientiane was waaaaay too hot and a bit too pricey so we decided only to spend a night there. Today we went to the Buddha park which was pretty strange but neat at the same time. This mornig we booked our ticket for the sleeper bus down to the Four Thousand Islands so we had to say farewell to our British chippies whom are heading north to Vietnam and Maria and I are gettig cozy on the 13 hour overnight bus. We are sharing a tiny bunk for the first ten hours then once we arrive in Pakse we will change buses to a sitting up bus for the last 3 hours.

I am still fighting off a bit of a cold so I feel bad for coughing and waking up the rest of the bus. Oops! I’m excited to get back near some water but I thnk we are a bit crazy for heading south in se Asia at the hottest time of year. March and April are so hot that even the locals have a hard time dealing with the heat.


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