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We actually have a plan. Oh no. April 10, 2010

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For the first time since Caitlin left us in Bangkok, Maria and I are faced with a time line! Considering we expected to be in Australia April 1st – and we were still in Laos come April 1st – we have had to adjust our plans accordingly. Sooo we have finally booked a flight down to Bali in Indonesia for April 15th and booked a room in Phnom Phen for the 14th – so that means we will be around for the Khmer New Year and the water festival that goes with it! But that also means that our time in Siem Reap is numbered which is heartbreaking because I actually love love love this place more than any of the other countries we’ve been to. But we are making the most of our time here.

We purchased a 3 day Ankor Wat pass so we are using our time to explore the city and the temples enriched within and around it. This morning we were picked up by our driver at 5 AM and we watched the sun rise over the largest temple of Ankor Wat then we strolled in, around and between the nearby temples – including the temple where the movie the Tomb Raider was filmed – until about lunch time. Tomorrow we are being picked up at 10AM and we’ll be visiting some of the temples further out of the city and finishing the day watching the sunset.

It’s been amazing and we have some (lots) great photos!


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